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Ok Smallville 4.02 really wasn't that bad.

Toms acting is getting progressively worse, which is why I expect we're getting to see more of the body. Boy he's big. Lex for the 5 minutes he got was incredibly hot. I think Pa Kent has had a bad influence on Clark though. Way on Lex for getting Lionel stabbed hehe, I wonder how he knew the hot guy with the tattoo's. I feel a dirty fic coming on...

Ok the only point I did scream at the screen was when Lionel got stabbed. Ok Delibes - Lakme - Flower Duet, just happens to be one of my favorite pieces and it was inappropriately used, just like when he was having his head shaved and Mozart's requiem mass was playing. GET YOUR FUCKING MUSIC SORTED! Lionel was not worthy of either of those. Ok so I happen to be a classical music fan, shoot me.

In other news I just spent a chunk of my birthday money on fucking antacid. I think I may have an ulcer coming on, great you get to 27 and you fall to bits. I can't friggin eat now. The tablet taste disgusting, I can't swallow it. Ok Bee just barfed again.

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