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Meme's and shit again

You would be Lex. Very few people care to look
past your reputation. Most often, you don't
get the chance to show them your compassionate
side. You can be deceitful, but that is a side
effect of being raised by someone so demanding.
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Smallville Character Quiz
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Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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Bronze Dragon
You are a bronze dragon! You are the biggest of
the males, and generally you are the only one
who gets to mate with the queen. You are an
excellent leader. Your human partner is likely
to be a Wingleader or even Weyrleader, the
person in charge of the entire Weyr, and you
are the mate of the senior queen. You are
respected by the lower colors, and if you are
the Weyrleader's dragon you are always obeyed,
unless the queen contradicts you. Since queens
are relatively uncommon, you are widely
considered by humans the best dragon to be
paired with.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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You are a white mermiad
You are a white mermaid!

What mermaid color are you?
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