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First line meme!

Seen in yavannauk's journal, I thought I'd give this meme a try. I post the first lines to some of my fics and hopefully people will use them to write a drabble in the comments to this post! I’m a bit Clark/Lex orientated except for the last one which is a pokefic.

Clark walked into Lex's study, the fire was lit and embers glistened in the grate like red kryptonite.

Lex stood gawping out of the mysterious hole made in the cabin door.

There was a heat wave in Smallville.

Clark decided to visit Lex's office in Metropolis, the school visit to the zoo was not exactly his idea of fun, and he figured he could sneak away for a bit without being noticed.

After the uncomfortable moment when Lex had realised Clark knew he'd been dancing on his desk, Lex offered to take Clark for lunch at a renowned Metropolis restaurant.

In Metropolis there lived a man who believed he once was an Emperor.

The passenger door to the Ferrari crashed shut.

The conference room in Luthorcorp was air conditioned, with a large Mahogany table in the center.

Clark sat down at the table where a menu was placed in front of him.

Clark dropped a french fry down the gap between the seat and the gearbox and was trying to fish it out before Lex noticed.

Lex knocked on the back door of the Kent farm.

Clark strolled into his favorite club the Cross, and went straight up to the bar.

The air had a cold chill to it, a breeze was blowing in from the East.

Lex's head rocked on the wooden panelling he couldn't remember what had transpired a few moments before but now he was sporting a large gash in his lip.

Jesse watched intently as James unsuccessfully tried to set up the magnetron.

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