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I swear I've got a Mary Poppins bag! So what's in the bag???? And how the fuck does it all fit? It's not a big bag really but it fits my umbrella which I sometimes can't find. My purse my cell, 20 cigarettes, tobacco tin, big box of filters, rolling machine, mirror, tampons etc.... My pass my keys 3,000,000 used bus tickets, my super duper lighter and a losing lottery card. I can't find my chewing gum.

Some sad news that Christopher Reeves died. I don't feel anything, but that's because I didn't know him. I watched the Superman films as a kid and I loved them but at that age I guess you don't connect with a person neccessarly. I guess I'm still numb from Jonathan Brandis dieing.

Anyway if anyone's sad and needs a hug, I'm giving them out free ;o)

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