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Funnily enough I can't stop smiling today, I guess cause it's Friday. I seem to have just the right amount of Lex to keep me happy.

An old woman on the bus this morning was a bit rude. I brushed her with my back pack, and just as I was apologising, she said thank you and gave me a dirty sneer. I sit down with a smile on the opposite side of the bus. A boy gets on and walks to where we are and as he's a student he has on a back pack, and of course it brushes against her. She starts having a moan about back packs but she's not big enough to say it to our faces. Loud enough to hear though. I give her a dirty look and try and catch her gaze cause I am not in the mood for shit. She choses not to except my challenge, coward! So she gets of the bus and I make sure I shake my umbrella just as she goes past, not the outcome I wanted put satisfying!

In other news sammijmb Gimli came back from hospital, they don't know what's wrong but it seems it's taking her longer to recover from her fits. I know they've got an idea of what's wrong but she won't tell me, I know why too. She think's I can't handle stuff, cause I'm immature. Really I'm just like anyone else and I care, maybe I should just not say anything in future. I've decided to tell her I know she's lying to me, hey but where does that get Lex?

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