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I have received confirmation from my doctor acknowledging that I had mumps. I need to contact my doctor and give her the details. I know I'm not the best letter writer, but you should have seen it.

Dear Dr Hunter

There are so many things that concern me about the contents of this letter. For mostly that my records have been lost. Your inference suggests that you lay the blame on either my previous practitioner, or myself. I suggest you speak to your practice nurse, who will assure you that in actual fact it was a mistake on your part. Currently I have decided not to take this matter further.

You have also asked me to check with my mother to let you know if I have received any childhood vaccinations. Unfortunately my mother is unable to remember due to health problems. I telephoned you with regard to this matter and your receptionist informed me that I have to find out, 'and if my mother doesn't know I should ask who ever else was about at the time'. I have no intention of haranguing my mother on this matter, and I consider your receptionist’s comments impolite. My grandparents were the only people present during my childhood, both are now deceased.

The letter itself I would not have expected from a general practitioner. I believed when a letter is addressed to someone you do not know that you use a person’s title and surname. I do not appreciate my name being abbreviated to 'Kate' as it is not my name.

I will not go into detail of spelling mistakes, hand written corrections, improper use of nouns, or the frequent use of the word 'done'. I only suggest that your receptionist expands her vocabulary (you may have to explain what that means to her), and in future that you consider what you are signing. Hire a trained monkey, I think that it may make less spelling mistakes.

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