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Odd dreams and stuff

So the most interesting thing so far that I've done is misread the photo meme as the potato meme. Just say 3 things you'd like me to do with a potato....

My dreams were really weird, there was some kind of race over a river and we were supposed to jump over hump back bridges that weren't connected. Some guy with a computer on a trolley falls in the river. For some reason I steal a flat screen off someone, and hide it in the airing cupboard in my old house. Apparently I got in through the window which is 4" wide, yeah alright! So I'm thinking why have I stolen something??? There's crowds outside the window and I hear a knock at my door, so I open it. It's the Queen, and although I don't really like the royal family I curtsy and say 'thank you your majesty', for some reason I tell her my father's not home and she says 'very well dear' and wanders off. All I can think is I look like fucking shit and I don't think this house has been hovered for years.

Please I need help recommend a good therapist pleaseeee...

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