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My day

Posted on 2004.05.19 at 18:57
Current Mood: happyhappy
Well considering I didn't do anything really it was pretty good. Spent the entire day in the Marriott Hotel doing an 'away day'. What a load of pap, but I'm pretty happy. My manger bought me a cider and black, had to sit in the sun but what the smeg. I enjoyed it and left about 5pm, cause I had to come home for my RAM.

Got home about 5.30 the bus was soo hot and I needed to pee. My passport was on the doorstep yay!!! Managed to have a shower, change cloths. Phoned my mum to let her know I got it only to find out I've gotta wait 4 months to go on holiday, doh! It doesn't look like I've got that job, sod them, don't matter.

My ex came over and shoved some extra RAM in my comp, and it worked, it's faster. And I don't want to kick it any more. He sorted out my winAMP, cause I couldn't get the Luthor corp skin to work. All done in record time yay!!!

So my house is clean I got 2 bills to pay, and I'm sorted! Whay... I have no money but what the smeg.

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