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Shitty shop assistant in Poundstretch yeah I know they're all like it... She pissed Gimli off I thought it was me but then as my mother left she made some more comments and Gimli decided to wait outside furious. So she puts though my stuff, there's a long queue behind me and she says 'these are 3 for 2'. So I say that it's ok they're only 50p anyway so she gives me a stinking look and says 'I was only sayin' and slams my stuff on the counter. Lex decided to turn up and I calmly say 'could you please get your manager', she comes back with 'I was only saying you know!'. Me - 'manager now'. Lex left at that point and I started shaking, cheers mate! Anyway my legs were shaking and I signed the receipt and waited for the manager. I didn't make much sense to the poor woman, but I think she apologised and I had a fag outside lol!

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