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Hee! I am so dull!

A short conversation about my domestic Goddess status.

Mike: Is there anything you want me to do before I go? You know anything you can't reach?
Bee: Very funny! You could take a look at the hover for me.
Mike: You're the one that fixes electrical stuff! (Gets hover and looks down tube) It's not sucking? Now don't hit me for saying this but is the hover bag full?
Bee: Hover bag?
Mike: Good god woman have you ever changed it? It weighs about 2 stone!
Bee: What is that?
Mike: (Pulls thing off to empty bag in bin) *Cough cough*
Bee: Uhmmmm... Whoops.
Mike: (Looks up from the dust cloud) What did you say your IQ was again?
Bee: 145
Mike: Hahaha! Why did you throw the other hover out again?
Bee: Wasn't sucking.

Oh dear, I didn't realise. I feel so stupid, but at least the flat is clean!

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