aurora_bee (aurora_bee) wrote,

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Oh yay I'm in work

And another exciting day of doing nothing!!! Whoooooo! It's been a disaster, from the start. I wore my suede boots to work (they're fake) they stretched and now they each have a toilet roll shoved in the end. My top, gaped perhaps a little bit too much, and of course I'm wearing the glow white bra today. So I had to take the safety pin holding the strap of my bag off and pin my blouse up. Now my bag's broke grr... SO then I go into the loo to tidy myself up, and I've only got a mark on my cardi arghhhh!!! Kill me, so I'm washing my cloths in work too now. Then the final straw I have a spot right in the middle of my chin a big bloody red one.

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