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Blana vval
Posted on 2004.11.15 at 09:31
Current Mood: boredbored now
Weekend update. It was kind of productive although I didn't get what I had on my list done. I finally made the bunny post for Lex's bunnies, but he is yet to send me a photo of jadedsilver's bunny sterling.

10 rules of Clex will be done, probably on a weekly basis. The follow up story will come when my head is ready to write it. Kind of updated my website, kind of...

I actually had fun this weekend. I stayed up till 5am Friday (Saturday really). Talked plot bunnies, updated notebook. I was a tiny bit drunk, slept till 1:30pm I guess. Sunday stayed up till about 1am left computer on and a yahoo alert woke me up at 2am I'm not saying who it was hee.. Woke up to find racing on instead of Smallville shock horror!

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