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Argg and owe!

I just walked into the fucking coffee table again, same place and my foot is already black. The first time it was funny cause I was watching the blooper reel paying more attention to Mike falling over a balloom and I fell over the coffee table. This time it just hurts!

It seriously wasn't that bad. Lex being all hot in a lift, wow! Fucking beautiful side veiw of mike. Needed a fag at that point :O) Clark with the 13 women thing, LMAO! Jealousy or what!!! Clark and Chloe in the lift you go girl! Clark parents - whatever. Clark and Lex in the loft, Clark is just so jealous... Dude I'm seriously not fucking you anymore if you keep doing this, oh yeah sorry I'm fucking you over right now!

Oh yeah and I managed to fast forward through all the Blana and it still made sense! Why have they got a separate really pathetic story I couldn't give a fuck about going at the same time??? Die Blana, your acting stinks!

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