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My LiveJournal Sitcom
aurora_bee In The City (NBC, 3:00): aurora_bee (Robert Duvall) bakes 500 cookies for a bake sale, but lapetite_kiki (Rosie Perez) eats them all. In the next town over, aelora (Alan Rickman) makes lots of money playing guitar on the street and makes sadiethenymph (Laura Prepon) jealous. That weekend, lexslave (Ingrid Bergman) falls off rose_etta (Glenn Close)'s porch and gets hurt. That night, katholicgrrl (Ricky Martin) cheats on a test, and vamplover84 (Ana Gasteyer) finds out. Soon afterwards, vval (Vivien Leigh) tries on teh_jules (Roy Clark)'s pants without permission. Everyone learns a valuable lesson.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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