aurora_bee (aurora_bee) wrote,

I did it again.

I had one of my really weird dreams.

So I'm in a house and it appears to be my house even though I live in a flat. Mel Gibson is my Dad (which is a bit of a pity), and we've just got a new top loading washing machine. I'm wondering why we didn't buy a better model to be honest with all his money. So then strange things are happening with the machine (not unlike the real one which keeps riping my clothes *curses the washing machine*).

Then I have some friends over for dinner, and the washing machine kills them (I won't go into the graphic details though, it was not nice at all). So me and Mel try to get out of the house, but I realise I've got to save the Smallville DVD and Lex poster on my wall. So I go back and knock over the washing machine. Then leg it with the goddies with the washing machine chasing me.

Mel's in the car waiting and I manage to get in the back seat, but he can't start the car. Typical. So the washing machine breaks the window by me and grabs hold of my arm. It really hurt and I woke up. My arm was trapped between the bed and the wall grrr.....

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