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Everybody seems to be talking about this - Friend appreciation day where Person A selected a Person B from their f-list who Person A felt didn't know how much they were appreciated by Person A and then made a post about it?

Oh my all of my friends are brilliant, they wouldn't be my friend if I didn't like them. I love you all. So I've picked out a few of my closest buddies.

lexslave - you are my best friend, you cheer me up when I'm sad. You amuse me no end and there's always quizes and hot pics of MR when you're around! I love you man. Can wait for you to come and see me.

sammijmb Thanks for stopping me from crying at lunch time :O) Sometimes I don't appreciate you enough. You said some really nice things about me, and you know they were totally not true hehe! Love you tonnes even though we get on each others tits a lot! You are one of my oldest friends!

justabi you are so not your name you'll never be just abi. You introduced me to lots of new fic, lots of it written by you. I have had so much fun with you, and I miss you when you're not here! Love ya!

roxymissrose I found you through Abi, another amazing fic writer and you keep me constantly amused and sometimes confused! I wuv you to bits my lj mom!

fromward My lj sis :O) I never had a sister before and I must say I am enjoying it! I'm waving from Cardiff at the mo so if you look west you might see me. Sorry the weathers crap btw...

kitkat3979 I love your piercings, someone who's not afraid to show their opinions or boobs :O) Love reading your stuff!

robinchristine You always seem happy, and cheer me up no end. You love your family so much, I can only hope mine will be the same when I have it!

frelling_tralk I never asked you where you got your name it's interesting. You make excellent vids, and you do not have enough confidence in yourself. People Let frelling know she's great cause she doesn't believe me!!!!

suzvoy My first fandom friend, I actually learned what an lj cut was though your posts. You write amazing fics and I'm lucky to know you. You rock my socks!!!

taer_silveroak I wuv you to bits you take the most beautiful pictures ever and I still remember the Oriental garden you visited. I'm still mad about that shrub though. I love you to bits and I miss you now you're not around so much.

lilithraevyn You have strange dreams that are so surreal and dazzling. I love reading about them and I would miss you if you were not around! *Hugs*

ballisticliz can't wait for the next part of Smallville day! You are a great writer and lots of fun!

jadedsilver I love your art, everything. You brighten my day!

lapetite_kiki Wow, I love it keep it coming! You are the best manipper I know.

lexsbitch67 You listen to me drone on at new years, you definitely rock. I love ya hon!

zebracake267 Always something funny to say to me, always so kind. You Rock big time!

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