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A running comentary of thoughts.

Come on people she has the right to change out of her pj's surely?

WTF Clark is happy after te pathetic crying last week?

Why does Lex keep repeating the same lines in every episode? 'Lana's welfare' how many times have I heard that this season. Jason has really weird eyes.... Freaky!

Clark in a jock truck. Clark the puppy his head out the window his tounge flopping in the wind *snaps back to reality* Dork Kent.

Is it me or does the frat house look like the mansion? It is the mansion! Where's Lex???

Haha Clark with 2 girls.....

Lana whinge whine whinge whinge whine. Poor Jason :(

'You can let yourself out' YOU GO LEX! Kick her to the curb. (Is it me or does he seriously look bored? Can't work out if it's Blana or crap lines?)

Black market pee, ewe!!

Sexy Lexy *drool* Countess blah blah blah. Very flat, very bored Michael.

Why the fuck is Lois moving in, does she have ANY friends?

Why does Clark prefer Lana? Chloe's better looking more fun and has a backbone.

OH GOD WHATS WITH THE CRAP MUSIC? Uhm suposed to make you feel sad? I just yawned.

We seriously need some Clex for me to give a damn about this 'friendship' grr it sucks and not in a nice way :)

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