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Pilates pt 1

Ouch I did about 2 minutes, and I now fully understand why they say watch the DVD first. *Smokes fag* So first foot exercises crawly feet - toe heel toe heel inhale exhale.... Next rotate your ankle. Crunch crunch *shudder* next lie on the mat and lift your shoulders off the mat and elevate your feet ok... So how long do I do this for my neck is killing me??? 1 2 3 4 *sigh* 5 6 7 8 *groan* 9 10 *phew* now slowly lower your legs *argggggg* 1 2 3 4 *fucking hell* 5 6 7 8 *I am going to die* 9 10 exhale *bee dies and lies on the mat for 20 minutes contemplating the meaning of life.*

Anyone want to massage my neck? Pleassse!!!!

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