June 10th, 2004


Back again!

And so I overcame my guilt yesterday and left work. I'm quite proud of myself.


I went home and watched 'Cheaper by the dozen', and I must say that I enjoyed it even though 'Bringing down the House' has a far superior cast(uhmmm). I so want Tom to be my brother.

So awake now my brain has just come alive though the ingestion of large amounts of coffee. With way to much sugar (stops running in circles). So now I have to read the 'Branch Plan' and give my opinions, grr.. That involves thinking and the coffee has hypered me up. I'd rather be eying up the Tom Welling lookalike, who doesn't look that much like him upon closer inspection lol!

Pretty bored with most of my icons so, gonna go home and make another MR one. Just gotta think of interesting captions, and not the usual stuff.
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Scarf OMG Nivella

When do you feel most stupid?

A. when you make a mistake and don't notice?


B. when someone points it out to you at the worst possible moment?

I'm actually thinking I should prefer to notice my own stupidity myself, but then I may never actually notice it. See I said 'sod' in front of my boss omg! They are so gonna sack me (*smirk*), alright perhaps not the best thing to have said while having a conversation in close proximity. But I'm not sure shouting out 'you said sod' is gonna solve the problem, it just draws attention to it. Pretty sure this woman is lacking in the people skills area.


So try not to swear and be good there's only 7 days left, and I'm not going to get the job if I strangle my colleagues.

'Oh you've done all this wrong' she said. So worried I checked, cause my boss taught me to do it a different way. And it's not wrong at all, so I went back to tell her, in my most friendly way. 'I just checked this with blah blah, and it's ok we can use the Code my boss told me'. And she got really unfriendly about it. I do love a working environment, so friendly and warm.
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