June 23rd, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella

I'm a smug git.

So plans to spend less time being bored have worked. Arrived in work at 7ish, after realising that no-one is in at that time. So basically I can sit here and do what ever I want till 9am when the rest of them come in yay! Plus I get to go home at 3pm.

Have realised that given that I work in an agriculture department I probably shouldn't be wearing my Luthorcorp patch, hehe. But I think the people that know exactly where I work might think perhaps it is perfect.

Have thought of a new idea for a Clex slash, probably shouldn't write it in work though. I've got this terrible thing when if I'm writing something rude I go red and have to type with my eyes closed.

Had weird dreams last night the dream that makes me ill happened again, fortunately I controlled it and the bad things didn't happen. I have got to learn to control certain dreams. I can do that thing where I realise I'm dreaming and wake myself up. I'm just not sure if my subconscious wants these things to happen to me.

Oh yeah I'm starting my count down 26 days till season 2 is released!
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Scarf OMG Nivella

Just because!

I have the sexiest boyfriend on the planet!! (I've no idea where his guide dog is, but I'm sure we'll find it together.)
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