July 2nd, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella


So it appears that I am the only one up and awake this morning. Suffering from some guilt today, hence I didn't actually get much sleep. I've realised things are not going to ever be the same again, cause although he still teases me, somethings missing. But then it has only been a day.

My haircut seems to have gone well looking a bit fuzzy this morning. I wish I had my honeys hair, all curly and flowing, perfection itself. He could do a shampoo advert!

Going to meet sammijmb for lunch today, gonna make up a bit for the week of moaning she's had from me. Plus I got to remember to ask her about making my website.

There's a possibility that mrinnuendo is going away for the weekend. I don't want him too, I don't want to be on my own.

In other news the dts Michael Rosenbaum photo section has been updated, so I have a night of vodka and photo editing ahead of me. Oh yeah baby!

Shit heads - Not any of my lj friends

Ok you fucking morons when you're waiting at a crossing press the fucking button, don't just wait and hope it'll change. Cause the lights in Cardiff don't have magic sensors. Don't make ME run cause you're assholes. Get a fucking IQ!

Another note
Why does everything I like doing cost money? Why do I have to spend £1 on a shag? I can't afford to do it as much as I like without getting 9 months of care free fucking then another 18 years of expense???? The UK government charges 17.5% on everything I want, and that's after the 10% NI and the 23% tax on my wages not to mention my pension at 2%. Then the fucking council tax that costs me £44 a fucking month! You're all shit eaters.

Why the fuck do people over 60 get a free bus pass? I can't get to work in the morning cause they take up the whole bus, and when I actually get on I have the knowledge that my £1 is more than everyone else payed put together.

Now back to the Vodka.
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