July 7th, 2004


It hurts!

Okay this is the 5 day of me having a big headache after I've woken up. I feel so tired it hurts now, drugs do not seem to work and there's no point going to the doctors, cause they are useless.

I'm getting my camera today so maybe that'll put a little spark back into me.

Some woman in work is talking about jaffa cakes? Where am I someone, heated discussion. This is why I have a headache, there's to many jaffa cake conversations going on and I'm not being stimulated. I'm ever hopeful though.

Sunday is the 11th which means Michaels birthday! I will be celebrating on Saturday, with some nice vodka. 32 shesh, and I thought I was old.

13 days till Season 2 is released! Yay I so need to see it.

In other news I just managed to refrain myself when some woman hit me on the shoulder. You don't touch me EVER unless I actually know you. Just came over to see what you're doing she said. Actually I'm doing sod all and writing my live journal :OP

I'm not getting my camera now. So my sparkette is absent. Well not everything goes right all the time and you can't wallow in self pity over little things that can't be helped. I want to go home this day is not going well.
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