July 12th, 2004

badday amandajane5

So do I do it?

My doctor has suggested I go on anti-depressants. I'm wondering how different things will be. Lots of pros and cons for this. I'm seriously thinking about it again. I could be a new me someone who wakes up and actually feels something.

The only problem is that I don't like taking drugs It's not like they've got a confidence booster, or a memory suppressantin them. Give me the electro shock therapy now! Erase everything that makes me the way I am. Then I can stop living in the past. Time for deep mediation.
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Which member of the JLA are you?

The Flash

After accidently duplicating the same instance that granted his mentor Barry Allen with superspeed powers, Wally West gained identical powers and joined his side as Kid Flash. He eventually took over the mantle of the Flash after Allen's death and prides in being the fastest man alive.

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I am so proud! I screamed and now my throat is worse lol!
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