July 28th, 2004



Slept in, it was nice then I got to work. Feel very alone don't know why? mrinnuendo isn't in.


I've got nothing planned, I've got no-one to meet for lunch or coffee. I feel very sorry for myself I guess.


So getting the inquisition from a friend because I asked a simple question was not something I had intended on doing today.

And I'm getting worried about this holiday with Glimli, we are going to Salou for 7 days 2 of which will be spent flying in and out. She thinks I'm stupid. I want to rest when I go on holiday, I just want to swim and lull about. She wants to go to 4 different places so far, and we only have 5 days. I want to cry, but I know I have to go along with it for now. I feel like I'm being evil, but I'm planning to take my credit card and book into a hotel on my own if it gets bad.
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