July 29th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella


I did stuff last night! I sewed up the hole in my trousers for one, and I did 2 loads of washing. I won 3 Man from Uncle videos on Ebay. Think there's a possibility mrinnuendo is going to kill me. I missed him all day yesterday :O(

I found a really old story I wrote back in the days when sammijmb and myself were in school. My I could die when I read them, but at least I've remembered a guy I fancy who's not bald, blonde, or has curly brown hair. But I think that's as far as I can go without embarrassing myself :O)

I miss RPGs I really do, especially in maths classes. Stupid dick head teachers slowing me down, holding me back. Then having the cheek to complain cause they had to work out my working out! I should have been the teacher! SHITHEADS! Gripe over.

In other news I think I may have a fic brewing up but I may possibly have to write this one at home since it involves suction ;o)
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