August 1st, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella

Phone call

Ring ring
Bee: Hello?
Other: Well hello.
Bee: Uh, who is this?
Other: It's your mother in-law.
Bee: Well that's a bit odd, I'm not married.
Other: Oh!
Bee: Mmmmm. Think you might have a wrong number.

Well that was a funny start to an otherwise 'shitty' day. mrinnuendo decided he wanted to experiment with ice cubes at 1am, just made things hotter though.

My neighbour 'Bongo man' decided to throw the strangest party. Everyone in the garden sat around a camp fire, even 'Flute girl' was there. So at 4 I realised they were still at it, singing and smeg knows what else from the noises. I couldn't sleep cause the smoke from the fire had got into me and I couldn't stop coughing. Must have nodded off cause I woke up at 6 and they were still talking. I hurt so much......
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    Strangest party - INXS