August 3rd, 2004

badday amandajane5


I sleep and when I wake up it hurts. It's not fair. I want my mum.

In other news I have to design a leaflet today, considering that this is the first I've heard of it and I've never done it before I'm a little bit pissed off. My boss has dumped it on my desk and does not appear to be in.

Suck my butt!

I was waiting for sammijmb To make her post regarding the 'can't sing singers' thing, so I can admit where I was Friday lunch time. The lovely red haired boy made me sticky with opal fruits. Ewe. Felt like a complete pratt standing in the middle of Cardiff castle telling some people from the BBC why my friend can't sing. I so can't take direction, don't know if it was just the little jumped up camera man not explaining or us though. I am a complete bitch I admit it haha! I think it may be the thing that keeps me going today.

Yay! Didn't have to go down to the smoking room, just tell the truth. I.E. you lot suck and I'm not interested in gossip, nah I didn't say that. I said I've been for a break, which is actually true.

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Serious meme: No Pity. No Shame. No Silence

I have been fortunate to have never been a victim of sexual abuse. However my best friend when I was 13 was abused by her step father. She would invite me over to stop him from doing it to her, and although it's scary to think about it now, I'm glad she did.

Please read this for more details.
Scarf OMG Nivella


Sending me the email notifications it's driving me nuts! Well anyway in a much better mood, how could I not be Michael Rosenbaum's on my telly at the SFX event. mrinnuendo is reading a book in bed it's nice and cool, I've rested and am loved.

Read somewhere that MR fans would like Michael Rosenbaum to play James Bond. Hahaha! Sorry can't help it being British.

*Slaps hand*

So who's sexier than James bond? Michael Rosenbaum, yay he can be himself. All round win win situation.

So okay I just looked at the TV and the camera 'person' haz zoomed in on MRs crotch. Hell I would but then I wouldn't put my video up for sale without being edited. I freely admit that I did 'persaude' my ex to zoom in on another famous actors private parts at a RD con, that vids not for sale. Safely stowed away and labeled attack of the killer carrot!
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