August 18th, 2004


Up awake and having odd thoughts!

So nothing different then. Still working on the Clex thing with the blankie for lexslave, have to work out a background for that one.

Apparently the reason why there was a lot of wind and it's raining 'slightly' is because we have caught the back end of the hurricane. Unfortunately Mike says different but I won't go into details.

I'm missing roxymissrose and justabi. Come back soon, please save me from myself!
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What's wrong with this picture?

mrinnuendo sneaked off while I was buying dinner and bought me, Starsky and Hutch, a 'sex bomb' bath bomb from lush, and he remembered to get the lush times!

Then I come home he does the dishes, cooks my dinner, which was stunning! Then runs me a bath gets in with me and rubs my feet. There's something wrong with this guy I'm sure of it. I've also been told I'm not to go to bed until 10pm.

I love this guy so much!
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