August 20th, 2004


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Morning gosh my friends list has lots of entries on it!

mrinnuendo is at home sick. It's funny how a man can be sick but still want to play 'hide the purple parsnip'. (I wonder if Lex plays that?) They say they can't work women out guh!

My father is picking me up today with Denis. Whoops I missed off the 'e' must be the mustache confusing me again. I forgot my camera, I wanted photo's of my Nanna!

I'm enjoying the sv_journals Clark was way mean to Lex.

I'm in love with Ferdinande. He's such a cute bunny.

I also did something embarrassing yesterday, while talking to a man by the fax machine I told him I needed a 'shep' meaning step. Then out of embarrassment I told him 'I need seeing too'. Is it possible to curl up and die?
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Scarf OMG Nivella

Porno Lex

I'm bored. It may be a little fuzzy cause I'm in work, and photobucket is being really odd at the moment.

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An update on mrinnuendo

Things have become very complicated, but he came back to explain. Although he would prefer I didn't go into details, he still loves me, and I him.

What I will say though is I've never met his mother, but I hate her. Manipulative fucking bitch. So he's gone home to her. But I am relived that it's not something I've done.
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