August 31st, 2004

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Well I got to work, I want a friggin coffee. Someone please??

Spent last night having horrible dreams, but I'll only mention the one. So me Michael Rosenbaum, and Tom Welling in bed and for some reason I don't know why I was getting annoyed with Tom. I'm like NO you can't touch him he's mine! I knocked him out but it was ok Mikey didn't mind :O)

4 more days in work and I get a week off I really need it, I'm hoping Gimli isn't gonna act like a 4 year old all the time, weird when you can say that about a parent.
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Meme stolen from teh_jules

[First job]: In an art shop

[First screen name]: Gem

[First funeral]: My grandfather

[First pet]: ET the goldfish

[First piercing]: Ears

[First tattoo]: Nope

[First credit card]: Bank one about 5 years ago so I could get a credit history!

[First kiss]: Steven Cox, we were 5

[First enemy]: Emma - die bitch

[First favorite musician]: So many to chose from

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