September 4th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella


Gonna die, oh god didn't get to sleep till 6am. It's all lexslave fault. God she's good! Got woken up by next door banging TWATS! Anyway gonna try and go back to sleep at some point.

lexslave hon, thank you I had so much fun last night!
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I love Tony Robinson!!!

So I'm watching a program about the worst jobs in history. So they're talking about medieval enemas, and this guy is telling Tony about this tube thing, and he says when people are ill they can't eat, so they'd feed them through the tube. So there I am thinking that's gross I wouldn't want that in my mouth after it's been in someone's rectum. So Tony shouts out.

'What up the ass!'

Yeah I pissed myself laughing, this is TV before the watershed folks!
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