September 20th, 2004



I don't wanna be awake I don't wanna be in work lol! I had forgotten how strange some of the people can be. Fortunately it is only a few.

But the great thing is that as I am back now I can look for another job YAY!!!!

lexslave is so funny! She does a great Cartman and she's so damned sexy sounding, and she discovered that I do in fact sound like a 5 year old lol!
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Scarf OMG Nivella

Meme's baby! For lexslave

You're a CLexer! I bet that you see phallic symbols
everywhere, not to mention the subtextual
flirting between Lex and Clark.

Which Smallville 'Ship Are You?
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You are Jitters

Which Season One Episode of Smallville are You?
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Helen: She makes Lex think of Troy...
You are Dr. Helen Bryce. Smart, witty and
beautiful. You are not easily fooled by glamour
and fancy words. As the strong female type, you
are realistic, loyal and dont take no shit from
nobody. Just dont let yourself be taken down by
a cute suave baldy whos name rhymes with Chex.

Which Luthor Girlfriend are you?
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Ah crap I'm cross eyed!

Excellent Choices! You're a Crazy Rosebud! Share
the Love!

Michael Rosenbaum? *huh*
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