September 26th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella


My mum was so nice, she knew she'd upset me about my buying a bubble gun on holiday. So she bought me a pro bubble machine! So I've just spent an hour dancing in bubbles!

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Scarf OMG Nivella

Gakked off lexslave

They list you as a friend because... by renoir_girl
Hopes you'll admire themnebt_het
You wouldn't go awayfarferello
Hopes you'll write something cute againscribblinlenore
You have a tenuous RL connectionyoung_luthor
You're the same agelexslave
Afraid of the unfriending drama you'll createtaer_silveroak
Thinks you'll have sex with themraijahn
Hopes to coordinate RL plans with youdawning_star
Thinks you're interesting and easy to talk tolou_thorneill
You make them feel better about themselvesredhotmama
You like the same music, so you must be okayfreak4ever
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Lex I promise I haven't spoken to him!!!!
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clex lapetite_kiki

I'm a purest Clexer

Smallville 'Ship Survey
What's your OTP?Lex/Clark
What's your OT3?Lex/Clark/Anal plug
Which couple do you 'ship aside from your OTP?None
Who has great chemistry, even if you don't ship them?Lex/Lionel
What couple makes you sick?Lex/Anyone except Clark (and maybe Bruce)
What couple is sick but you like it anyway?None
Favorite AU 'ship?Lex/Bruce
What 'ship makes you wanna point and laugh?Clark/Lana
Which character should die alone?Lionel
Which annoying characters should be paired together because they so deserve each other?Lana/Pete
Best 'ship to have a dark, evil version of?Lex/Clark

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