October 7th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella

Oh gawd!

So I'm having yet another bad day due to something. Get a nice catalyst, and for some reason I'm singing Willy Wonka songs in my head, it's Frellings fault!

I am now listening to a conversation regarding the Notre Damme Cathedral, which has to be the most interesting thing I've heard for a long time which leads me on to the next topic.

Name young_luthor's bunnies!

Ferdinande it turned out was a girl, so Lex needs names for the bunnies. So gimmie an original name and we'll name a bunny!

I'm liking Esmeralda and Quasimodo for some strange reason??

Off topic now, would people please stop giving me advice when I don't ask for it? Thank you in advance.
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indiana cheap_like_wine


I am so frigging bored right now. I have to make my yahoo messanger list bigger! If anyone wants to email me for to add me I'm aurora_bee@livejournal.com please help a Bee today and do it?
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badday amandajane5

Bongo man strikes again!

Not happy with playing the bongos and the digaree doo, sometimes along with flute girl. He is now having a party with music so loud I can hear it over the TV. I am greatful he gives me a break sometimes at least, but I can't understand why he doesn't realise it's a week day and people go to work. I know full well the music will play on until early morning.

As for the police... You have to tell them that the music is loud yourself and ask them if they can turn it down. I'm not being funny, but I can't exactly do it on my own at this time of night. I'm a little woman in the height department and I'm generally a bit shy and I wouldn't know what to say. This sucks!
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