October 18th, 2004


And so here I am

My email isn't working, so sammijmb we'll arrange something for this week later on if that's ok :O)

As for my weekend it was good fun, feel a bit numb today. Have to go to town with Ra, will get my bleach then. I think I'll be reading fics today, see if I can catch up.
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Scarf OMG Nivella

I phoned my doctor

I explained and I was really grown up about it. I explained that they had lost my records and she didn't like that, I said that the receptionist was rude. She was very off with me and when I explained that my mother could not remember and that I was upset that I was told I had to find out, since my grandparents are dead. No apology...

I kept cool, but I've had it.. I want to go home so I'm going to the loo to cry.
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I still love Tom Welling lookalikes!
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