October 30th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella


It's hell getting into my journal stil. This probably won't even post. I've been at Gimli's all day, oh the fun.

I get home going to actually do some house work as I am living in a fucking pig sty, so I put the dishes in the sink put my coat in the wash cause it smells apparently. Decide to put bin bag out so put crap in it take it to the door, it split. There's a trail of rice from my kitchen to the door. I tie the bag in another bag and get the hover. Hover is not sucking, stupid fucking thing doesn't detach in sections. I have to unscrew the plate on the bottom. Get screw driver, battery has run out. I can't use my hands well cause I can't turn so it takes me 30 fucking minutes to get the plate of remove crap in there, and put it back on. Still no suckage, grrrrr... Manage to get rice into hover though.

My flat is fucking disgusting... I hate me for this!
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badday amandajane5


Shitty shop assistant in Poundstretch yeah I know they're all like it... She pissed Gimli off I thought it was me but then as my mother left she made some more comments and Gimli decided to wait outside furious. So she puts though my stuff, there's a long queue behind me and she says 'these are 3 for 2'. So I say that it's ok they're only 50p anyway so she gives me a stinking look and says 'I was only sayin' and slams my stuff on the counter. Lex decided to turn up and I calmly say 'could you please get your manager', she comes back with 'I was only saying you know!'. Me - 'manager now'. Lex left at that point and I started shaking, cheers mate! Anyway my legs were shaking and I signed the receipt and waited for the manager. I didn't make much sense to the poor woman, but I think she apologised and I had a fag outside lol!
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