November 8th, 2004

Scarf OMG Nivella

I can't escape!

Home today enjoying a lazy round the flat. Dozing Pleasantly about 10ish as you do when I heard a strong Somerset accent in the hallway. Was too much like being in work with all the farmers! So I got up and decided to eves drop. Bad Bee.

My landlady was downstairs talking to him it seems we will be having some work done, the man said something about charging and said if you told people you'd charge they'd never move in. I'm a little bit worried now. The landlandy went over the road to see if she could find something 'they' could use. I think when she said they she meant the tenants. Last time I eavesdrop ever!
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So I decided to try one of those things to determine weather I am wearing the right size bra....

Please kill me it says I am a AA cup. Do these look like a friggin double A!!!

ETA: Managed to remeasure myself into a better size, squeeze that measuring tape and discover you do up 5 cup sizes in 30 seconds. Yay I'm a D cup again!
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