December 3rd, 2004


I just realised something.

I know I'm being lied to by someone, but I don't say anything cause I still have hope that one day, she'll realise she can talk to me?

Sound familure? I strive to be good and I think I'm a good person, so by comparison does this mean I'm eventually going to turn evil?

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Family Fortunes, ITV

1) Something a blind man might use? A Sword
2) Name a bird with a long Neck? Naomi Campbell
3) Name an occupation where you might need a torch? A burglar
4) Some famous brothers? Bonnie and Clyde.
5) A dangerous race? The Arabs
6) Something that floats in a bath? Water
7) An item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers? A horse
8) Something you wear on a beach? A deckchair
9) A famous Royal? Mail
10) A famous bridge? The Bridge Over Troubled Waters
11) Something a cat does ? Goes to the Toilet
12) Something you do in the bathroom? Decorate
13) Something associated with pigs? The Police
14) Something people might be allergic to? Skiing
15) Something you do before you go to bed? Sleep
16) Something you put on walls? A roof
17) Something Slippery? A conman
18) A food that can be brown or white? potato
19) Something sold by gypsies? Bananas
20) Something Red? My sweater
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