December 9th, 2004

really cute

Christmas shopping!

Arggg... I have to do it I have the afternoon off to go and buy all the merriments. I'm a wee tad tired, but I must go as I have to post cards to important places. *Hugs flist* As for now I have to put up some stuff on the sv_cafe cause everyone was going at it like busy bunnies last night. Reaky (Enrique) as I fondly call him was excellent! I think I watch midnight cowboy too many times, cause I keep wanting o call him Ratso. *Cough* and that freaked me out, I'm there thinking Jo the cowboy is pretty cute only to discover it's Jon Voight, someone clean my sick eyeballs. I hate Jon Voight, although last I heard he'd turned his back on his daughter so he can't be all bad :O)
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