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drop dead sexy teh_jules
Posted on 2005.02.17 at 18:24
Current Mood: happyDoggies!!!
I loved it!!!! Doggies, hey call me shallow. Shelby I knew a girl called that once and she was a dog too..

Naughty doggie Hercules, but it wasn't his fault the man was cruel to him and should die!!! A painful slow death. So Lex/Geniveve whatever... So boring Clark having another go at Lex and lying again. *Rolls eyes* Lex had the animals that were tested on DESTROYED???? I am not liking Lex at this point.

Shelby saved Jonathan bad dog!!! Clark leaves the other poor dog in the van when it's on fire, fucker. He got out but where did he go????

So Clark gets caught out on a lie, but Lex lets him keep the dog. He loves you man why can't you see it and let little Clarkie out for a bit?


crossbow1 at 2005-02-21 20:43 (UTC) (Link)
I've now seen this episode so I'm going back through everyone's posts about it.

Lex had the animals that were tested on DESTROYED???? I am not liking Lex at this point.

Actually, when you buy lab animals, you HAVE to guarantee them a humane death, which means you're legally required to put them down when you're done with them. Lex was breaking the law by letting Clark keep the that at all - if he were really interested in covering his legal ass, he should have had it put down as soon as he found out it was still alive.
aurora_bee at 2005-02-21 20:48 (UTC) (Link)
Legal I don't give a shit about, someone with that much money could afford to get around that. But I am an idealist, and I don't agree with hurting animals in any way.
aurora_bee at 2005-02-21 21:08 (UTC) (Link)
And I don't mean to offend by that. I'm a buddhist and that is my belief.
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