March 5th, 2005

Scarf OMG Nivella

Visiting the travel agent

Me: Hello I would like to get a price for a ticket going to Louisville from Cardiff.
Girl: *Looks confused*
Me: It's in Kentucky.
Girl: *Still looks confused*
Me: *Sigh*
Girl: So is that just a flight?
Me: Yes.
Girl: What dates?
Me: Departing 30 April, return 10 May.
Girl: *Starts entering details* How do you spell Louisville?
Me: L-O-U-I-S then ville
Girl: Is that all one word.
Me: Yes.
Girl: Where is that?
Me: Kentucky.
Girl: *Looks confused*
Me: If it's any help the airport code is SDF.
Girl: *Gets all excited*
Me: *Sigh*
Girl: There are no flights for those dates.
Me: Ok thanks bye.
Girl: *Looks confused*

I hate going through the motions I know that there ae flights available, I've seen them!
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