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Look if I knew where the file was don't you think I'd give it to you?? Don't you think I'd say if I'd seen it. Don't you think I see quite a few files in the week. It's what I do, I manage your files you smeg head.

I think my head might just explode after I've finished vomiting. This is not doing my stress levels any good, it is not helping that YOU lost the file and want to blame me cause I am the lowest of the low. You BASTARD!!!!

I think I might go for a smoke, and I was trying to give up.

Think they got the point now. I was sick in my bin. So not having a good day. Even the Tom Welling lookalike is not cheering me up :O(

Another update
They found it. Someone lost it and it wasn't me. I expect they're feeling very silly right now. They'll feel even worse when I empty the contents of my bin on their head.

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