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I need sleep!

So not much sleep again. Not actually feeling so bad today! strangemark isn't in cause he's a wimp and feels ill. My friends boyfriend and Joe the cat are not well. Anyway despite the fact I think strangemark's a wimp, I'm wish for them all to get well.

Tom Welling's not in either, someone's stolen my sunshine.
*launches into 'ain't no sunshine' a la the Jackson 5*

Meeting mum for lunch, yay food! I'm stoney broke again and I don't get paid for 3 weeks.

Going out tonight with sammijmb, and kallanna who I haven't seen since sammijmb's wedding. Gonna see the latest Harry Potter film.

Just worked out why I haven't been able to sleep, my friend tells me it was upto 30C last night. I hate my flat and fear of spiders. I only have 3 openable windows. I live in a victorian house and that involves me climbing a ladder to open each one. Then the fear of the spider with the red butt coming in scares me, even though there are no poisonus spiders in the UK.

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