aurora_bee (aurora_bee) wrote,

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Not so alive.

Went to see Harry Potter last night, must say I enjoyed it. Would recommend it to anyone. Was talking taer_silveroak on MSN, not long but till 11:30pm. So I'm still tired, 'woke up' and felt sick.
I wonder why I came to work, I don't want to sound like I'm whinging but I sit here all day doing nothing. I really just want to go to the toilets and cry. 7 days left.

Pride seems to be keeping me here. Unless I'm really ill I don't have time off even if I can't see I've been in, yeah I guess I am a bit stupid. The other AA is off ill, so that makes me want to drag myself into work more. Screw pride though I've had enough of this shit, what are they trying to do bore me to death?

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