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*Fans self*

Boy it's warm today, cooler than yesterday but still too hot.

They said it was going to thunder today. I still have hope. It really comes to something though when you don't want to go home because work has air con. lexslave finds it really hard to believe that we don't have A/C in our houses. Well I guess it's cause it's never really that hot over here.

I look around the ofice and I see everyone has bags under their eyes through lack of sleep through the heat. Most people I know can't eat at the moment. I feel like a coke addict cause all I can keep down is ice cream :) I love ice cream copious amounts melting slightly fed to me by an extremely sexy bald guy. Ahhhhhh... Well I can dream. The good news is that Homer feels really bad about my asthma, he really does love me :) He was telling my nan not to use her hair spray around me on Friday. I <3 my Daddy!!! He's going to by me an air con on the weekend too. *Squee*

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