aurora_bee (aurora_bee) wrote,

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Somebody save me

I've got work to do horah! I just can't be assed, I'm feeling lonely and fed up. And what makes me more angry is that I'm whinging in my lj again lol!

The only problem I really have is that my friends have lives. Where as they grew up got married and had babies, moved away in most cases, I didn't. Not that I really want babies just yet, I'm saving my eggs for Michael.

I was thinking about the meaning of my name which is 'pure' I'm not sure I'm pure 'naive' maybe, it's something I'd like to change but others don't want me too. I'm starting to think my friends may actually 'like' me. Stop it I'm not used to it!

Anyway name change, what about Pussy Galore. That's definitely not a pure or naive name ;o)

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