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Scarf OMG Nivella


Posted on 2004.04.23 at 11:00
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Well at last. It has been a long week, sammijmb has not been well at all. Poor babe. strangemark has also been ill, and he sounds like complete poo. I now have a sore throat and can't hear properly, but thanks to all my friends, and Friday I'm pretty happy.

I now have a new ep of Smallville to watch, which should keep my Lex fetish nicely satisfied. I also have a nice bottle of wine ready for consumption. Oh yeah, get to sleep and just lie around listen to some good music. Chat to my friend who wants to remain nameless lol!

Seem to be having some trouble with a guy texting me, he can't seem to understand that constantly bombarding someone with rude texts is not gonna get him a date. Especially when I told him to smeg off. So last night he decided to ring while I was asleep then text 'PHONE ME NOW'. Yeah alright I'm really gonna do that, god he is so stupid. Hope he doesn't do anything silly, and before anyone asks I have been careful, he doesn't know anything about me, cause I lied!!!

So it looks like it might possibly be sunny on the weekend that means I will stay in! Might need to get some food shopping but I don't have any money lol!

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