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Title: (None at present)
Author: aurora_bee
Pairing: Clex
Section: WiP
Rating: NC-13 at present
Word Count: approx. 1,000

This hasn't been beta'd, so I'm sorry for any mistakes.

Lex slurped at his coffee and thought about the irony of his current situation. He, Lex Luthor was working as an assistant in the Daily Planet. The recent crash in the stock market had left him penniless, and no one would hire him. Lex took another slurp of the machine made cappuccino and tried to ignore the burnt taste in his mouth. His Armani suit and imported Italian shoes looked incredibly out of place in this office.
'Hey Lex!' When Lex looked up Clark was towering over him.
'Come to gloat?' Lex inquired, Clark gave a quizzical look and smiled.
'No I came to offer you a lift home.' Lex shrugged, stood up and smoothed the creases out of his pants.
'Thanks Clark, but I really shouldn't have to depend on you all the time, you got me this job that is enough.' Lex brushed past Clark and made his way to the lift. Clark hurried after him.
'Lex, I don't know why you didn't take my offer to move in to my apartment. The sofa bed's not that bad, and you'd save a fortune on rent.' Lex got into the lift.
'Because Clark... just because.' The lift doors closed, Clark touched the cold metal door and sighed.
Lex sat quietly in his apartment, no food in the fridge. Some things never changed. He stretched his legs out on the old tattered sofa. No point moping he thought to himself. Lex had done too much of that lately. He couldn't help himself, he was a Luthor and Luthor's were proud. The next few hours were spent trying to think, what he might be proud of.
'Boof, boof.' Lex lifted his heavy head. He had dribbled down his arm while he slept. 'Boof boof....' Lex's left eye twitched. 'Boof boof..' Then silence. 'Lex, are you ever going to answer this door?' Lex sighed, Clark was always a little heavy handed.
'Alright already, do you always have to be so loud!' Clark beamed as Lex opened the double bolted door.
'Alright, already?' Clark handed Lex a large pizza box. Lex sniffed...
'Olives and Anchovy's?' Lex inquired casually, Clark grinned.
'Half and half.' Lex smiled and winked at Clark.
‘Thank you. I’m sorry how I acted earlier, I was wallowing again.’ Clark sighed and sat down on the couch.
‘It’s ok. Wallow over I presume?’ Clark said as Lex took a slice of pizza.
‘Mmmmph.’ Lex tried to smile with a mouthful of pizza. Clark picked up a piece and flopped onto the sofa as Lex locked the door.
‘So what ya doin' tonight?’ Lex smiled.
‘What do you think.’ Lex sat down next to Clark, they finished of the pizza together without saying a word. Lex turned on the small TV in the corner and flicked through the channels. He stopped when Clark yelped with excitement. Starsky and Hutch, Clark was so damned predictable. Lex sat back down, allowing Clark to put his arm around the back of the couch. Lex slumped into Clark, today had been a hard one.

Lex woke up as the sun started to filter through the curtains, his head rested in Clark’s lap. He stretched enjoying Clark’s warmth.
‘Morning sleepy.’ Clark cooed as Lex rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.
‘What time is it?’ Lex mumbled. Clark looked down at his watch.
‘5:30am. I don't have to leave just yet.’ Lex smiled and snuggled a bit more into Clark.
‘Lex, there’s something I want to talk to you about.’ Lex sat up with a jolt. Not again he thought.
‘I’ve told you Clark, I’m ok. It’s nice here, and since you’ve put extra bolts on the door for me, it’s even better. You need to have a life too.’ Clark frowned.
‘Stop thinking you can read my mind Lex.’ Clark stood up shaking with frustration. ‘I want you to move in with me because I love you.’ Lex’s mouth dropped open. ‘Well say something Lex!’ Clark shouted. Lex cleared his throat.
‘You love me?’ A huge grin spread over his face. ‘You LOVE ME!!!’ For a moment Clark thought Lex had superpowers, one minute he was standing the next he was suddenly pulled down into a deep unexpected kiss.

It was 6:30am, Lex had given Clark a serious tonsil cleaning, the stain on his pants had just about dried up. Lex had drifted off to sleep on the sofa with a content smile on his face. Clark couldn’t help grinning, he was ecstatic, and his best friend, no boyfriend felt the same way. Clark wrote a note and left it on the coffee table for Lex. He had to go, but he’d see Lex in a few hours.

Walking the streets of Metropolis turned out to be something of a surprise. Lex enjoyed watching people as he moved within them. Although the occasional bump into someone unpleasant was sometimes unavoidable, it only lasted a second. There was never any exchange of words or numbers, and Lex didn’t have to spend the rest of his life with them. Things were uncomplicated, unfair but uncomplicated. Lex was starting to like it.

The dome on top of the Daily Planet loomed above him, casting a shadow over the LuthorCorp building next door. Lex headed straight for the doors of the Planet.
‘Hey!’ Lex looked around as someone bumped into him.

It didn’t register at first, just a dull pain in his chest. Lex stumbled backward, trying to stop his assailant from pulling the blade out of his heart. Blood splattered over the pavement around the crowds of preoccupied people. The curb was at his heels, Lex couldn’t hold on, the blood his hands loosened his grip. His assailant pulled the blade from his chest. As if in slow motion Lex dropped into the concrete road. The beating of his heart ran through his ears, loud slow thuds deafening him.

The truck driver tried to swerve his eyes filled with terror as the body went under the wheels. Everything stopped.


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