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Title: Loves nightmare (Part 2)
Author: aurora_bee
Pairing: Clex
Section: WiP
Rating: NC-17 (some gory stuff)
Word Count: approx. 1,100

‘Clark!’ He looked up at Lois who was as white as a sheet.
‘What?’ He replied lifting an eyebrow. Lois could hardly move from her place by the window. She was starting to turn a little green. ‘Lois?’ He said wrapping his arm around her waist while peering out of the window. The traffic had stopped moving, the space in front of the planet was empty. A pool of blood was growing near the front tires of a truck. He could see an arm moving underneath the truck. ‘Oh my god!’

Clark changed into his Superman outfit swiftly and was lifting the truck before Lois noticed he was gone. Blood, Clark had never seen so much, and bone and… Superman howled.

Lex was alive, and he was having a seizure. There was a huge half moon crack in his head, where part of his brain was visible. The truck had driven up over his right leg and across his chest. His Leg was crushed and Superman could see that his right lung was punctured. Superman put his hand over Lex’s chest where an obvious wound was particularly. He pressed down as softly as he could to stop the blood.
‘Don’t leave me Lex.’ Lex’s eyelashes fluttered, but it wasn’t a real response.

They were coming, he could hear the sirens. He would have to clear the way from them but he didn’t want to leave Lex. What he did want to do was bundle him up in his arms and fly away to the fortress. Moving Lex in his current condition was not a good idea. Superman grabbed Lois who had managed to push her way to the front of the crowd. Here. Superman whipped his off his cape.
‘Here, use this to press down on the wound while I clear the way.’ Lois obeyed and pressed the folded cape on Lex’s wound.

Superman watched the paramedic’s give Lex something to stop the seizure. Lex went limp. All signs of life seemed to have disappeared. Superman x-rayed Lex to make sure, he still had a pulse. Lex was loaded carefully into the back of the ambulance. Superman took the opportunity to change and ran back to get into the back of the ambulance.
‘Lex!’ Clark screamed as he struggled with a police officer, trying to stop him from getting in.
‘No more room, son.’ Said one of the paramedics. The police officer held him.
‘He’s my partner!’ The ambulance speed off. The officer tried to calm him.
‘Look kid, they’re going to do their best for your friend, but they need room.’ He smoothed Clark’s arm to comfort him. Clark ignored him, and spun around.
‘Lois, I need your car.’ Lois was white looking at him through glazed eyes. ‘Lois!! I need your car!’ Lois reached into her bag and pulled out her keys. Clark snatched them and walked away, faster than he should have.

Clark sat outside the operating theatre, trying not to look through the wall. He’s already seen more of Lex’s insides than he ever wanted to. A nurse walked toward him.
‘Mr Kent?’ She sat next to him. ‘You partner is going to be in there for some time. Is there anything I can get you?’ Clark rubbed his eyes absently.
‘How is he?’ She smoothed his shoulder.
‘He’s still unstable, there are two teams working on him in there.‘ Clark sighed and stretched. Lex had been in surgery for 4 hours. ‘Is there anyone I can call for you?’
‘Is there a call box nearby?’ The nurse nodded to the other end of the corridor. “Thanks.’ Clark walked up the corridor without another word.

The receiver felt like nothing in his hand, he could have crushed it. Like Lex was crushed. Life was so delicate, wonderful and he couldn’t think anymore, it hurt too much. Clark keyed in a number. It rang for a while, and a soft voice answered.
‘Clark baby?’ He was numb, he opened his mouth but nothing came out. ‘Clark, Clark, what’s wrong?’ Clark managed a high pitched squeak. ‘Honey, where are you?’ A tear rolled down Clark’s face and stopped at the corner of his mouth.
‘I’m at Metropolis General.’ Clark could hear his mom sitting down.
‘Lois?’ She breathed deeply. Clark tried not to sob into the phone, and failed miserably.
‘Mom, mom. Someone tried to kill Lex, and I think they might just have done it.’ Martha didn’t make a sound. ‘Can you come? I feel so sick. It was so horrible. I couldn’t tell who it was. Mom I couldn’t tell who it was.’ Clark dropped the phone, and fell to the cold tilled floor.

Clark woke up a tiny nurse was holding his head trying to bring him around with some smelling salts.
‘Lex?’ He moaned. The nurse smiled.
‘He’s still in the operating room. He’s a very strong man Mr Kent.’ She smiled again, as she helped him to his feet. ‘You know he’s fighting, and I’m sure he knows you’re waiting for him.’ Clark sat on a chair.
‘My mom.’ Clark said as he looked up at the replaced receiver. The nurse knelt down in front of him.
‘The lady on the phone huh, she told me to keep you sitting down, and to make sure you ate something. She told me to tell you that she’s on her way. ‘ Clark sniffed, and wiped his nose in his jacket. The nurse walked away. “Let me know if you want anything to eat and I’ll make a dash to the cafeteria.’ Clark took comfort in the girls words.
‘Hey thanks, what’s your name? You know in case I have to find you again.’ She turned around. ‘I’m Daisy.’ Daisy disappeared down one of the corridors.

Hours passed Clark waited. Martha arrived bearing cookies, Clark couldn’t eat them. She held him against her like she had when he was a Child, softly stroked his curls. Nothing would make him relax. Every time anyone left the operating room he would jump and sit up like a puppy waiting for a treat. The updates on Lex’s condition were unchanged, Lex was still in a critical condition. The hours passed slowly Clark grew wearier, the energy sapping out of him. Martha fell asleep on Clark’s shoulder. Lex had been in the operating theatre for 12 hours, when Martha woke up with wet patch on her face. Clark was crying and holding her tight.
‘Clark?‘ Clark stared down at Martha his eyes bloodshot.
‘The doctor came out and gave me some news.’ Martha shot up and held on to her son tightly.
‘What did they say Clark?’

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