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Title: Loves nightmare part 3
Author: aurora_bee
Pairing: Clex
Section: WiP
Rating: NC-17 (some gory stuff) at present
Word Count: approx. 920


‘Mom, he made it!’ Clark cried on Martha’s shoulder. ‘Oh mom, mom.’ Martha held him by the shoulders.
‘Clark, honey. What did the doctor say?’ Clark shook, and wiped away the tears.
‘He’s going to be in intensive care for a while. They don’t know the extent of his injuries yet.’ Martha held him tightly, there was still a long way to go, but they had hope.

A week later

He was cold, shivering something was stuck in his throat and he couldn’t get it out. Lex opened his eyes but he was surrounded in darkness. Silent hands held him down, touched him. His head hurt. The tube was pulled gently out of his throat. He tried to struggle but he couldn’t move. Some alien force was holding him down. He tried to cry out, to ask what was happening. A big warm hand stroked his scalp, reassuring him.
‘Lex it’s me Clark.’ Lex kept as close as he could to the most famlire thing, and concentrated. ‘Lex?’ Lex didn’t respond to Clark. The nurse’s had finished with Lex.

‘He can’t hear me can he.’ Said Clark to the doctor when he entered. Martha hugged Clark from behind.
‘He needs to be assessed Mr Kent.’ Clark sighed and sat on the chair next to Lex.

The examination was brief, Lex was obviously uncomfortable.
‘Have you finished yet?’ Clark said trying to temper himself. ‘He’s not some lab rat.’ The doctor looked up at Clark.
‘I’ve finished for now Mr Kent, we will run some more extensive tests tomorrow, when Mr Luthor has rested.’ Clark held Lex’s hand. Martha took the doctor outside.
‘Lex, I’m so glad you’re here.’ Clark sniffed. Lex couldn’t hear him, and Clark didn’t know what to do. Lex looked fragile, a bandage around most of his head, bruised eyes and cheekbones. So he lay his head beside Lex’s. Lex smelled the sweet scent of apple shampoo from Clark’s hair. ‘Clark’ Lex mouthed. Clark rubbed his eyes.
‘I love you’ he mouthed as he softly kissed Lex’s Dry lips. He could feel Lex smile back. Martha walked back in and coughed to get Clark’s attention.
‘I think we should get some coffee, the nurse is here she can look after Lex for five minutes.’ Clark kissed Lex again.
‘I’ll be back soon.’ Lex squeezed his eyes shut. ‘Mom, I don’t want to leave him.’ Martha tucked a stray curl behind his ear.
‘Ok honey we’ll talk about this outside, keep the door open so you can keep an eye on him.’ Clark shrugged and walk to the door with his mom, keeping an eye on Lex the whole time.

‘Clark, from what the doctor has just told me Lex has lost his hearing, he’s not able to see.‘ Clark didn’t seem to hear what she was saying.
‘Clark are you listening? Lex’s vocal cords were damaged in the accident. He’s not able to communicate.’ Clark turned on his mother.
‘He’ll get better he always does.’ She rested her arm on his, and he pulled away abruptly. ‘What are you trying to say mom, something I’ve heard before, don’t mix with the Luthor’s they’re trouble.’
‘Clark honey it’s not like that anymore, it’s just I don’t want you to pin your hopes on something that may never happen.’ Clark looked back at Lex laying quietly on the bed.
‘It already has.’ Martha took a step back as her son towered over her. ‘I’m gay mom, and I love Lex.’ Martha’s jaw dropped.
‘Clark you don’t know what you’re saying, you’re confused.’ Clark gripped the doorframe, trying to control his anger.
‘Mom, I’ve loved Lex for years, Dad knew and that’s why he tried to keep me away, and you know what, it worked. Where was I when Lex needed me? And that shit about sending himself bankrupt do you know why he did it, DO YOU!’ Martha shook her head. Clark stayed silent only Lex and himself knew what had happened. Lionel had regained control of Luthorcorp and was ready to buy out Lexcorp. Lexcorp had been responsible for some particularly seedy research, and Lex didn’t want his father meddling in things that should be left well alone. As a final favor Lex’s old friend Bruce Wayne had bought Lex and his shareholders out, gaining control of the company What Lex had left had been blown on parties, assorted prostitutes and the best alcohol money could buy.
‘Clark, this is a phase, guilt, what about Lois, I know how close you two are’. Clark felt the wood of the door frame disintegrate in his hand. He turned to face Martha his eyes still red.
‘You really don’t understand. I’m gay, you can’t change me.’ Martha crossed her arms.
‘And how do you know Lex is going to feel the same way? He’s been married twice, I may not be worldly wise sometimes but that’s a pretty good indication that he’s straight.’ The side of Clark’s mouth twitched at the thought of other women and Lex.
‘I know mom.’ His mom was pushing and he knew it was going to go to far.
‘How?’ He couldn’t stop the words from leaving his mouth.
‘Because he seems to like sucking my cock mom, and he moans and begs for more when I’m riding him with his cock in my ass.’ Clark lied. Martha slapped him across the face and walked away wordlessly. Clark rubbed his cheek and padded softly into Lex’s room, the door slammed shut behind him.

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